self-catering gîte's contract


Hiring from the day of arrival at 14 hours to the day of the departure at 10 hours

Price of hiring : on request (to specify: dates, number of people, animals)

Price of hiring: instalment, payment of the balance on arrival; guarantee of 200 € by cheque not cashed to give on arrival.

The heating is not included. The price of the hiring includes 4 kWh of electricity and 1 kg of gas per day. Surplus consumption will be paid the day of the departure.


The tenant, signatory of this contract concluded for one period which cannot in no case exceed the duration initially envisaged, will be able in no circumstance to prevail himself of an unspecified right to the maintenance in the place at the end of the period of hiring.

The tenant will have to ensure the peaceful character of the hiring and to make of it use in accordance with the destination of the places. He commits himself returning the lodging to his departure as own as he will have found it on his arrival. Only the tenants and familiar animals indicated to the present contract will be accepted by the owner. The hiring concluded between the parts with the present act can in no case and under no pretext to profit even partially with thirds, persons or entities, except written agreement of the owner. Any infringement with this clause would be likely to involve the cancellation of the hiring to the wrongs of the tenant, the product of the hiring remaining definitively sure with the owner.

The guarantee will be refunded the day of the departure, made deduction of deteriorations or the cost of repairing of the places.

An inventory will be carried out by the owner or his representative at the beginning and the end of the period of hiring.

Conditions of cancellation:

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter.

The instalment remains sure with the owner who reserves the right to claim the pay of the hiring. Is the installment restored with contractual reserve of 55 € for expenses when the lodging could be relet for the same period and at the same price.

If the tenant does not appear in the 48 hours which follow the date of beginning of hiring: this contract becomes null, the installment remains sure with the owner who reserves the right to claim the pay of the hiring, the owner can have the lodging freely.

In the event of cancellation of the hiring by the owner before the period of hiring, this one transfers with the tenant the double of the amount of the perceived installment. In the event of cancellation in the course of hiring, the allowance equal to the maximum with the amount of the installment will be proportional to the number of cancelled days and the owner will refund the hiring proportionally.

In the absence of agreement with the owner, exclusive attribution is made with the courts of Pont-Audemer.